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Prof. Daniele Nanni, Associate Professor
Dipartimento di Chimica Organica "A. Mangini"
UniversitÓ di Bologna
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Curriculum Vitae. Born in 1960, he graduated in 1984 in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Bologna with Professor Antonio Tundo (Magna cum Laude). In 1987, he started working as an executive technician in the Technical Staff of the Department of Organic Chemistry of the University of Bologna. Since 1990 he has joined the Teaching Staff of the "A. Mangini" Department of Organic Chemistry of the University of Bologna, at first as Research Assistant (1990-2002) and then as Associate Professor (October 2002 to date). In 1994 he won an NRC-NATO fellowship that allowed him to spend one year with Prof. Dennis P. Curran (May 1995 - April 1996) at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Pittsburgh (USA). He is a member of the Professor Piero Spagnolo research group. His interests are mainly in free-radical chemistry, both from a synthetic and a mechanistic point of view. He authored 76 papers and many oral or poster presentations at national and international meetings; Among the publications, it is worth mentioning the invited reviews: "Isonitriles: a Useful Trap in Radical Chemistry", published in the book Radicals in Organic Synthesis (Wiley-VCH, 2001), "Imidoyl Radicals in Organic Synthesis", published in Current Organic Chemistry (2007) and two monographies for "The Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis" (e-EROS) (Wiley, 2008). Among the invited conferences, it has to be mentioned the lecture "Radicals in Organic Synthesis: a Century (Actually much less!) of Playing with Unpaired Electrons" ("A. Corbella" Summer School of Organic Chemistry, Gargnano, 2007). He was the Secretary of three national meetings (COFEM97, Meeting of Physical and Mechanistic Organic Chemistry, June 11-14, 1997, the 25th National Meeting of Organic Chemistry of the Italian Chemical Society, September 8-12, 1998, and the 20th National Congress of the Italian Chemical Society, June 4-9, 2000). He has carried out joint researches in the field of free-radicals with the Department of Chemistry of the University of Edinburgh, UK (Professor Hamish McNab) and the School of Chemistry of the University of St. Andrews, UK (Professor John C. Walton). Additional collaborations have involved Basell Polyolefins (Centro Ricerche "Giulio Natta", Ferrara: industrial applications of organometallic chemistry) and the University of Pisa (Professor Cinzia Chiappe Group: ionic liquids and related reagents for radical reactions). Since 1990, he has been carrying out his teaching activity within the courses of Organic Chemistry of the Degrees in Industrial Chemistry, Material Chemistry and Ceramics Technologies, and Biotechnologies of the University of Bologna.


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