Percorso Processionale Etrusco da Marzabotto a Montovolo  si può fare anche in auto!

Montovolo Retreats

Every six months the "Baccolini group"(Farf Group) and other alumni of the Faculty have a "retreat-day" in an ancient stone house (14th century) on the slopes of Montovolo, a mountain of the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano located 50 km south of Bologna and 60km north of Florence. During these "retreats" we also discuss of no-chemical arguments with particular attention to the hierto unexplained mysteries. If we find interesting interpretations of these mysteries they will be reported in our web page named Montovolo Retreats.

Obviously, the first argument of our discussions it was the ancient history of Montovolo with its mysterious origins and legends.  

In the year 2004, after about five years of research, we can affirm that Montovolo was the Sacred Mountain ( or Omphalos) of the Northern Etruscan Dodecapolis and that the Oval Stone was an important symbol of Etruscan Religion. The oval stones as the eggs found in their tombs , were their religious symbol of regeneration of life, of rebirth and this symbol, as the Cross carved on several Etruscan finding , was derived from an archaic mesopotamic or anatolic civilization .

In Summer 2004, a documentary about Montovolo and other famous places of ancient Etruria is in production by Vintage Adventure, LLC, an American company that specializes in historical/adventure documentary productions.

(see )

see also the preview article of this documentary Stones and Secrets: Pursuing the Lost Origins of Ancient Etruria by Writer/Producer/Director Michael John Olafson (

Now , June 2005, this documentary is distributed through Canamedia ,LTD, a worldwide media distribution company based in Toronto,Ontario.


Montovolo , as Etruscan Oracular Centre, was presented also at "Sereno Variabile", a very popular Italian Television programme on RAI 2, 22 Nov 2003.

A small documentary about the Crypt of Montovolo as possible remains of an Etruscan Temple was presented at RAI-3 (tg-3 Regionale Emilia Romagna 21october 2003)


See below the chronological reports of this research !


The ancient house, in the Medievale Sterpi's suburb, where the "retreats" occur


The paved road, leading to the top of Montovolo; The top of Montovolo and its very ancient Sanctuary

  see also
the region around Montovolo in a Map Fresco from the Vaticanum Museum Gallery of Maps

 See "The Birth of a Goddess" "La Nascita di una Dea" and the Enchanted Garden (very artistic executions of Luigi Faggioli!)

Montovolo Images (Foto di Montovolo) and Group Images (foto del Gruppo Farf nei diversi anni) How to reach Montovolo  (Come Arrivare a Montovolo)

 Our Research about Montovolo:

Montovolo retreat 1 1999 (Montovolo: perhaps an Etruscan Oracular Centre) (Italian version,)

Montovolo retreat 2 1999(Remains of an Etruscan Oracular Centre In the Montovolo's Legends and

Traditions ) (Italian version)

Montovolo retreat 3 2000 (Montovolo's Black Madonna and its Presumed Ancient Temple of Isis)(Italian version)

Montovolo retreat 4 2000 (Delphi's "Castalian"Spring and Montovolo's "Cantalian" Spring:

Another Strange Coincidence or Another Ancient Correlation ?) (Italian Version)

Montovolo retreat 5 2001(The Two Etruscan Necropolis of Marzabotto and their Sacred Ties with Montovolo) (Italian Version)

Montovolo retreat 6   2002 (Found an Unequivocal Data Confirming Montovolo was the Sacred Mountain of the Northern Etruscan Dodecapolis (Italian Version)

 Montovolo retreat 7 2002 (The Crypt of Montovolo is Actually an Intact Etruscan Temple! (Italian version)

Montovolo retreat 8 , 2003 Montovolo : an Etruscan Geodetic Point? ( italian version )

Montovolo retreat 9 2003 The Tomb of the Bulls and its Religious Symbols: The Oval Stone and the Cross (Italian Version)

Montovolo retreat 10 (2004) The Symbolic Meaning of the Egg and of the Oval Stone in the Etruscan Religion (Italian version)

(The tomb of the Leopards,  The Tomb of the Lionesses , The Tomb of the Shields) at Tarquinia

Montovolo retreat 11(2005) An afternoon dedicated to the Art: A Meeting with Antonella Roncarolo, writer and journalist

Montovolo retreat 12 (2005) From Montovolo to the Campidoglio: the Symbolic Meaning of Michelangelo's Oval Design.( Italian version )

Montovolo retreat 13 (2005) From Montovolo to Volterra: found again all together the symbols of the Etruscan Oracular Centers (Italian version)

Montovolo retreat 14 (29 october 2005) (italian version)     A Meeting with Dr Romano Romoli , to find the ancient origin of Words and Symbols. ( photos)  See also Etymologies of Giovanni Semerano

Montovolo Retreat 15  (Maggio 2006 ) - From Australia to Montovolo: to Know the Archaic Etruscan “Navel” and its  Temple of the Lily” (English version)


Montovolo Retreat  16   (March 2007) A Recent Study of Genetics supports Anatolian Origin of the Etruscans  (Italian Version)


Montovolo Retreat 17  (June 2008 ) Da Montovolo la vera origine dei Merovingi, del Giglio di Francia e quello di Firenze ( Italian version) ( libro “La Montagna Etrusca-Simboli e Misteri” di G. Baccolini)


From Montovolo the origin of Merovingians, the Lily of France ( fleur de lis) and

that of Florence  (English version )

My book La Montagna Etrusca –Simboli e Misteri (The Etruscan Mountain – Symbols and Mysteries) edited by Edizioni Nuova S1 (Bologna, Italy) is now available in bookstores and online


Montovolo Retreat 18   ( July 2009 )  The Battle around Montovolo in 363 AD: it determined the election of the emperors Valentiniano and Valente  and the origin  and the wealth of the Merovingian dynasty.

(Italian version)

Montovolo Retreat 19 (December 2012) -The Montovolo’s Crypta and the Etruscan Temple: various typologies and dimensions (Italian Version)

Montovolo Retreat 20 (December 2013) The Montovolo "lilies" may have originated the Florence “lily”, which is a bunch of  liliacee flowers. Further confirmations .(December 2015)  (Italian version)


Montovolo Retreat 21 (February 2014) The Etruscan Fibula of Ponte Sodo (Vulci) and the Sacred Etruscan Symbols: Cross and Oval Stone (Italian version)

Montovolo Retreat  22  (December 2014) We Found, at Montovolo, the Remains of the Small Oracular Etruscan Temple which is Carved on two Urns of Volterra of the second century BC.( Italian version)

 Montovolo Retreat  23  La Rocchetta Mattei ed i sui legami culturali ed energetici con Montovolo (Aprile 2016)


Montovolo Retreat 24  La Sterilità Femminile ed altri Malanni Curati Efficacemente Bevendo solo Acqua della Sorgente degli Sterpi, a Montovolo.  ( Marzo 2017) (English version)

Montovolo Retreat 25   Nuovi Misteri di Montovolo

(Settembre 2017)

Montovolo Retreat 26 L’Acqua Sterpina cura anche la Cistite cronica. Identificate le molecole organiche che la rendono diuretica.

(Gennaio 2018) (English Version)

Montovolo Retreat 27 Montovolo attorniato da altri Centri Oracolari Etruschi  (Febbraio 2018) English version

Summary of the above Montovolo Retreats (Italian Version)

or see an update complete article contaning new data and images intitled:
Montovolo, Ombelico del Mondo Etrusco ?!

 A my article titled Montovolo: Montagna Sacra della Misteriosa Dodecapoli Etrusca Settentrionale is published in HERA n 16, pg 61, 2001

See also (January 03) article titled:



Another my article (only in Italian Version) "Montovolo, Omphalos del Mondo Etrusco" by G. Baccolini is published in HERA ,

n. 41 ,76-79, May 2003 


An article on  Resto del Carlino 15July 2005

An Article on Resto del Carlino 1 Agust 2006


See also some reflections of G.B

The Campidoglio : The Intriguing Meaning of Michelangelo's Oval Design (italian version)

 Reflections on the Etruscan Civilisation and Its Origin


The astounding scientific Knowledge of ancient people: Plato and Proclo

(Le strabilianti conoscenze scientifiche degli antichi: Platone e Proclo )


The Commandments of Ancient Egyp

(I Comandamenti degli antichi Egizi)



Conferenze del 2005

Su invito del Prof . Antonino Saggio, il 6 Giugno 2005, il Prof. Graziano Baccolini ha tenuto una conferenza a Roma, Università La Sapienza, Prima Facoltà di Architettura, nell'ambito di un Ciclo di Conferenze tenute da vari esperti in varie discipline riguardanti il ruolo degli strumenti di lavoro. (Vedere il sito Coltivatori della Mente : dove si può ritrovare registrata le due ore della conferenza titolata " Simboli dalla Materia all'Arte") In due ore di esposizione il prof. Graziano Baccolini ha presentato gli strumenti ed i simboli fondamentali della chimica per giungere, nella seconda ora della conferenza, ad alcuni simboli etruschi, finora sconosciuti, che lo hanno portato, con il processo logico della conoscenza, a comprendere il significato del disegno della piazza del Campidoglio di Michelangelo . Lo stesso percorso che è stato sviluppato nel Documentario ora programmato in Canada.



*This ostrich- egg (Tarquinia- Museo Archeologico) was found in an Etruscan tomb. I have modified it to use as a Wish -card for recognizing that in ancient Italy the Easter (Pasqua) was an Etruscan festival. Many similar eggs were found in several Etruscan Tombs.

The eggs as the oval stones , were their religious symbol of regeneration of life, of rebirth and this symbol, as the cross, derives from oriental civilization such as Sumerian, Egyptian ecc. ( see my recent web page)





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