Some etymologies discovered by Prof. Giovanni Semerano 

(Italian version)

We present some etymologies which are reported in the Dictionary of the Latin Language and Modern Voices, (see photo of the cover) , the II volume of the impressive and revolutionary study of the Prof. Giovanni Semerano1 Le Origini della Cultura Europea (" The Origins of European Culture publishing ) by Leo Olschki, 1994. These thousands of etymologies 1a need particular characters to reproduce Akkadian and Semitic words , then is seemed to me useful to present some of these etymologies as they are reported in the mentioned dictionary.



1) The principal books of Giovanni Semerano are:

a) Le Origini della Cultura Europea, 4 Volumi , Leo Olschki editore, Firenze , 1984-1994

b) L'infinito : un equivoco millenario , Bruno Mondatori, 2001

c) Il popolo che sconfisse la morte , Bruno Mondatori, 2003

d) La favola dell'indoeuropeo, Bruno Mondatori, 2005